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An Open Letter to Mamas on their Birth Day

An Open Letter to Mamas on their Birth Day

Dear Friend,

Remember when you waited with swollen belly, swollen hands, swollen feet? Remember the work you did to bring you to this day? Remember the misery of it— the aches and pains? When you just couldn’t keep your eyes open? Remember the pure and utter joy when you first felt those little baby kicks? Remember when your husband finally felt them, too? Remember all those little conversations you had with your baby before you even met that little person? The way you loved them before you even truly understood how! Remember all that waiting?

Remember the uncertainty when you wondered if you’d be a good mama? Remember when you knew your baby’s birthday would be This day?! Remember the calm that washed over you to get it done and the panic that it might not go according to plan? Remember your love’s face - full of love and concern? And how impressed they were, witnessing just how much you are truly capable of? Remember the glory and grace of that moment-

When she or he... was placed in your arms and you KNEW her or him... immediately. You knew her heart, his heart and she knew yours. He knew yours. Remember the day your family was transformed. Remember when the most became even more!

Remember the chaos of all the visitors who wanted to meet that little baby. And acknowledge the thing YOU did! Remember the calm, the softness, the bliss of a newborn babe....

And the loneliness, the solitude, the bitterness, the rage, the learning, the trying, the relief, the fear, the broke down/can’t do this, the triumph, the passion, the looking, the finding, the redemption, the reclaiming, the pride, the disappointment, the guilt, the forgiveness of it all.

Remember each three hundred and sixty five long, hard fought, brilliant days. 

You are enough. You are powerful beyond measure. You created and sustained life. You are whole and complete (and always have been). You are beautiful. You are a truly wonderful mother. 

You did it. 

Happy Birth Day. I love you.



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