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Preparing for Baby | the Registry

Preparing for Baby | the Registry

Something you should know is I strive for a minimalist parenting style though I didn't realize this when I initially set up my registry. I was so excited, I asked for it all. Friends, what I've realized after two babies is you don't really need things. You, mama, are the thing you babies need. So take care of YOU and the rest will follow. This list is purely the items, upon reflection, that were helpful. I hope it helps you in your preparation for the beautiful little baby in your life.

Top 10 things I'm glad I registered for...

1. Play time is simply the best. Riv and I loved her Play Blanket and Activity Gym.

2. Our first night in the hospital, I remember searching Pinterest for "how to swaddle your baby" in the wee hours of the morning. These Swaddle Blankets  are soft and light weight. I also found these Swaddle Me helpful, though I didn't use them with my second baby.

3. Girl... So. much. poop. This Diaper Pail does a pretty great job masking odors. And Simple Green for those inevitable stains. Need more? Young Living Purification Essential Oil is life.

4. We ended up purchasing two of these Diaper Changing Kits. One for mama and one for papa!

5. These are just essentials and we had great luck with these: Changing PadCrib MattressMattress Pad For easy middle of the night blow out clean up, I recommend 2-3 waterproof covers and sets of sheets. This mattress lasted through 2 and half years with my first baby, and donated it when she was done with it since it was still in great condition. When we found out we were pregnant with our second, we gladly purchased a new one of this same mattress. 

6. These Burp Cloths (3) were a staple in my wardrobe for at least 6 months after River was born. Kellen doesn't spit up so not much use the second time around, but still good to have on hand for cleaning spills.  I also love these because they double as burp clothes and bibs when baby gets older!

7. If I could go back in time, I'd wear my baby even more than I did. Love the Solly Baby Wearing Wrap and Wild Bird Sling.

8. This Table Chair gets the most use out everything we purchased! Riv still uses hers and she's now almost 3 years old!

9. I was skeptical, but oh my goodness.. you need this Sound Machine.

10. More essentials! Safety Kit and Nose Frida are musts.

Top 10 Things I didn't know I needed and other discoveries post baby...

1. Again... So. much. poop. Try Simple Green and Changing Pad liner for easy clean up.

2. Initially, we were turning on lights to change Riv in the middle of the night. Three days home with her we realized this was not only jarring for her, but for us too! We love this Night Light

3. I struggled with finding the right bathtub for River and sadly never quite figured it out. But with Kellen, I found this bath tub and it has been perfect for tubby time.

4. Honestly, nursing and pumping need more attention. Am I right mamas? I had no idea how to work these things, but this Hands Free Breast Pump thing certainly helped.

5. Again, nursing caught me totally off guard. I was initially desperate for extra roomy and extra soft Bras, and Nursing Pads (oh a soft ice packs/ warm therapy) for when my milk came in!

6. Ladies... Nipple ButterBottom Spray, and Tucks. You're welcome.

7. Boppy Pillow - I bought a knockoff which worked, but next time I'll splurge for the real thing. My hubby preferred the Breast Friend. *Revised* So I did in fact buy a Boppy for my second baby... and then proceeded to prefer my knock off and then, nothing at all. Go figure! Every baby is different.

8. Long Sleeve button up sleeper pjs. For my second baby, I chose not to use mittens. I felt this way because I was thinking that my sweet baby had access to his hands all during my pregnancy and I didn't want to take that from him. So instead, I got real good at cutting his nails. 

9. Set up a diffuser, get those essential oils goin, and sneak away from time to time for a bath. You cannot pour from an empty cup. And when someone offers help say, "yes, please!"

10. Here are my favorite baby toys: RingsTeetherRattleClutching toyBooks about babies

Top 10 Things I registered for, but wish I hadn't...

1. Britax Stroller/carseat - Look for something with a narrow wheel span, light weight for travel, and easy to access/roomie storage. 

2. Baby Bath Towels - Our babes outgrew them so fast, we ended up just using regular towels and wash cloths. 

3. Aveno and Johnson & Johnson Products - I found these products dried out River's skin. We like Young Living Seedlings line! Their baby oil is just heaven!

4. Puj Tub - This was just no good for us. I wish I had asked for something like this instead.

5. Sophie The Giraffe - Cute, but Riv wasn't that into it.

6. Crane Humidifier - Definitely get humidifier, or better yet an oil diffuser!  This one broke after 4 uses. 

7. Newborn Sizes - Buy Size 1 diapers, 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing. 

8. BabyBjorn Carrier - Ergo Carrier is much better in terms of comfort and ease.

9. Books. I registered for tons of books, but I realize now many people will happily gift them to you.

10. Back Seat Mirror - it was like a fun house mirror! No thanks.

Top Ten Baby Items that are handy for a short period of time... see if you can borrow from a friend!

1. Lotus Travel Crib - easy to use, light weight (buy the sheet that goes with it).

2. BabyBjorn Bouncer Seat - Great until our baby could sit up, then we had no use for it.

3. Swing - we borrowed one of these (only used it for first 2 months).

4. Jumper-roo - I still kinda wish we had one of these, but borrow if you can.

5. Joovy Walker  - We liked having this, but I know it was against doctor's recommendations. Be sure not to use around stairs! When she was little, we only used it with a pillow under Riv's feet and only for 10 minutes at a time. 

6. Hangers

7. Monitor  - if you plan on more than one babe, splurge for two cameras.

8. An extra car seat base for family.

9. Wubba Nub/Pacifiers - always good to have on hand just in case. 

10. Bottle Cleaner and Rack

We love our essential oils and Young Living's Kidscents and Seedlings line. If you'd like to join my oily family, follow this link to get started! 


My Plant Based Grocery List

My Plant Based Grocery List

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine, Let Thy Medicine Be Thy Food” Hippocrates

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine, Let Thy Medicine Be Thy Food” Hippocrates